Dodge County Criminal Defense Attorney

As you are facing disruptive legal concerns, ranging from family law to criminal law to personal injury, the law firm of Doyle Law, LLC is prepared to provide a stabilizing guidance. We will knowledgeably direct you to the legal solutions that you need, fighting for your rights and priorities at every step.

Our approach is tailored to the circumstances and dynamics that surround your case. We take the time to understand exactly what you are facing so that we can carry the legal burden as you focus on the personal side of the matter.

Beaver Dam Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney

Our representation spans a wide range of legal matters, from criminal charges like OWI and domestic abuse, to family law matters, such as child custody and property division. We are also prepared to protect your interests in matters of personal injury and civil litigation. We will zealously advocate on your behalf at every step.

We are a general practice firm, able to provide legal representation for whatever matter you face. Often one concern will compound with a related legal issue. We are able to address all matters at play, moving them all together efficiently toward a resolution.

Attorney Randy Doyle is a seasoned trial lawyer with the experience and knowledge to take even the most complex matter to trial. Thoroughly involved in the community and offering a track record of success, he has been trusted by clients throughout Wisconsin for more than a decade.

We are straightforward with every client, evaluating his or her case to determine where its strengths and weaknesses lie. We honestly inform you of the projected outcome of your case, saving you valuable resources.

Dodge County Divorce Attorney

To arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case and the options available to you, please contact our office today at 920-356-0200. We offer reasonable payment plans.

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