Dodge County Civil Litigation Attorney

When you feel that a dispute with another group or individual has reached the point where you need to take legal action, you need a firm that you can trust has the skill and experience to achieve the best possible outcome in the case. At Doyle Law, LLC, we represent the interests of clients throughout Wisconsin in civil litigation and lawsuit.

Dodge County Civil Litigation Attorney

We are thoroughly equipped to handle any type of litigation you need, whether in the defense or prosecution of a matter. We conduct a detailed investigation of the details of the matter to find where the case lies. We will present you with a realistic understanding of the strength of the case, saving you time and money. You will be provided all of the answers and information you need to make the best decisions for the case, completely understanding how each outcome will affect your future.

These disputes can vary widely in nature from restraining orders to small claims to property line disputes. Often the matters overlap with family or criminal law proceedings. Given our additional focus in these areas, we are able to represent you comprehensively, working to resolve all of the issues together. Also, this saves you the time and energy of coordinating multiple attorneys and representation.

We avoid potholes in the legal process, navigating past commonly made mistakes to the most efficient resolution possible.

Boundary disputes

Property lines are often a point of contention for land owners. With outdated fences and lines that were created years ago, dispute often arises following more current survey. We will thoroughly investigate records and other documentation to protect your interests in these matters.

Restraining Orders: Beaver Dam Wisconsin Attorney

Should you be concerned for your safety in a relationship or domestic living situation, we can help you obtain the orders you need to protect yourself. Our lawyer is also prepared to represent the needs of those who have been falsely accused of abuse, particularly in family law matters where the other party is seeking the upper hand in divorce proceedings.

To arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case and how we can assist you, please contact our law firm today at 920-356-0200. We offer reasonable payment plans.

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