Dodge County Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges of any nature have the potential to derail your life. At Doyle Law, LLC, we offer the aggressive defense of your rights and interests when you need it most.

We carefully listen to each client, understanding his or her side of the story to determine where the strongest defense lies. Often a situation is taken out of context or accusations made based on incomplete evidence. We will complete the story, filling in the blanks and showing that events did not unfold exactly as the prosecution claims.

Beaver Dam Wisconsin Criminal Law Attorney

We are trial lawyers, unafraid to take cases to court. We are skilled in laying the case before a jury and achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. When you need someone to fight for you in court, we will stand beside you.

Domestic abuse

Domestic violence and abuse cases can often involve outside circumstances, such as a spouse or parent seeking the upper hand in divorce proceedings. We will carefully evaluate the circumstances of the case, finding the truth in the matter. If you have been falsely accused.


If you have been charged with an OWI, we can help you minimize the impact that it will have on your life. We will investigate the events of the stop to find if there was just cause for you to be pulled over and if the tests administered were done correctly. We will staunchly advocate on your behalf to see the charges minimized or dropped, based on weaknesses in the prosecution's case against you.

Child pornography

It is not uncommon for people to unknowingly end up with illegal material or child pornography on their computer. This material can be accidentally downloaded, bundled with other adult files. To convict you, the prosecution must prove that you knowingly possessed the material.

We will thoroughly investigate, tracking the IP address to demonstrate that you did not intentionally visit these sites or download the material. We are knowledgeable of the steps that must be taken to prove that you did not intend to possess the material, clearing your name.

Dodge County Criminal Defense Lawyer

We are equipped to handle all criminal matters, including theft, burglary, drug charges, and sexual assault or rape.

To arrange a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case and the options available to you, please contact our office today at 920-356-0200. 

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